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We are both education researchers who completed a thesis by publication (TBP) in Australia, being among the first in our respective departments to do so. Since that time, we have moved into full-time careers in academia, with one of our common research interests being the TBP, with a goal to support current and future doctoral researchers to navigate the unique complexities of the model. Over the past few years we have accrued a range of resources in various genre (academic papers, invited blog posts, videos, and presentations), and so this site is used as a space to collate our work, as well as to share the great work done by others in the field of higher education, doctoral education, and scholarly publishing.

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Shannon Mason
Margaret Merga

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*Please note that we cannot offer advice on programs or policies in specific countries or institutions. Prospective doctoral researchers are strongly encouraged to do their own searching for programs in their own contexts, and this will be great practice for what lies ahead!