A collection of resources for supporting doctoral researchers to publish during their candidature

What is a TBP?

Some resources to help you understand the ins and outs of the TBP (or otherwise publishing during candidature)

Writing publications

A collection of resources to help you to write articles during candidature and get them published in scholarly journals

Defending your TBP

Resources to help you prepare for the evaluation process, whether a thesis evaluation, oral defense or viva voce.

Common questions

Discussions about some of the most common challenges and questions related to the TBP

Stories from researchers

Ethnographic studies and blogs from doctoral researchers who adopted the TBP and came out the other side!


It is very common to co-author papers during a TBP, but there are potential risks that need to be considered

For supervisors

A selection of resources to help supervisors provide support tailored to the needs of the TBP candidate

A list of TBPs just for you!

A collection of TBPs from a range of disciplinary and geographic contexts, for you to draw information and inspiration

Choosing the TBP

Not sure whether the TBP or publishing during candidature is the best option for you? Some resources to help you to decide

Structuring your TBP

Some ideas to help you integrate multiple publications and structure your TBP into a single and flowing submission

For examiners

A selection of resources for those who are asked to examine a thesis that includes publications