TBPs in social sciences, journalism and information, and related fields

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The Intersection of Traumatic Brain Injury and Homelessness
Chassman | 2022 | University of Denver, USA

Establishing the particularities of cybercrime in Nigeria: theoretical and qualitative treatments
Lazarus | 2020 | University of Portsmouth, UK

Codeswitching as an Index and Construct of Sociopolitical Identity: The Case of the Druze, Christians and Muslims in Israel
Ferro | 2020 | University of Adelaide, Australia

Atheist Identity and Lifestyle Among Activists in Edmonton
Simmons | 2018 | University of Alberta, Canada

Assemblages of care: why women with disordered eating are ambivalent to seek therapeutic care
Musolino | 2016 | University of Adelaide, Australia

The interpretation of logical connectors by monolingual and bilingual children
Geçkin | 2015 | Macquarie University, Australia

Private one-to-one Language Education via Video/Audio Conferencing (LEVAC) in Russia
Kozar | 2015 | Macquarie University, Australia