TBPs in education, higher education, and related fields

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Taking science communication to school: Improving student engagement with science through mobile filmmaking
Martin | 2021 | University of Otago, New Zealand

The classroom as a bilingual space: An exploration of attitudes towards mono- and bi/multilingual practices in English language teaching contexts
Gallagher | 2021 | Dublin City University, Ireland

Emotions in the classroom : exploring relationships between students’ perceptions of teachers’ practices and students’ strengths and difficulties
Edwards | 2020 | Massey University, New Zealand

Facilitating student engagement through educational technology: Current research, practices and perspectives
Bond | 2020 | Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany

The CVI practice framework : an effective approach to supporting children with cerebral visual impairment (CVI)
McDowell | 2020 | Massey University, New Zealand

Open education as social justice
Lambert | 2019 | Deakin University, Australia

Mapping a research journey: Conceptual and empirical insights into language teacher attrition and retention in Australia
Mason | 2017 | Griffith University, Australia

Uneasy feelings: Queer(y)ing the affective-politics of doctoral education
Burford | 2016 | The University of Auckland, New Zealand

A critical analysis of the Australian Curriculum (History)
Ditchburn | 2014 | Murdoch University, Australia

Understanding factors contributing to the academic engagement of international university students
Sakurai | 2014 | University of Helsinki, Finland

The effectiveness of external quality audits on Australian Universities: a study of 30 Australian Universities
Shah | 2011 | University of Canberra, Australia