Stories from researchers

Journal articles
Pursuing PhD by publication in geography: a collaborative autoethnography of two African doctoral researchers
Asante & Abubakari | 2021 | Journal of Geography in Higher Education

Demonstrating the therapeutic values of poetry in doctoral research: autoethnographic steps from the enchanted forest to a PhD by publication path
Lazarus | 2021 | Methodological Innovations

Publications in the doctoral thesis: challenges for doctoral candidates, supervisors, examiners and administrators
Mason | 2018 | Higher Education Research & Development

Thesis by publication in education: an autoethnographic perspective for educational researchers
Merga | 2015 | Issues in Educational Research

A juggling act: supervisor/candidate partnership in a doctoral thesis by publication
Nethsinghe & Southcott | 2015 | International Journal of Doctoral Studies

Diversifying and Transforming the Doctoral Studies Terrain: A Student’s Experience of a Thesis by Publication
Grant | 2011 | Alternation

Phd by publication: a student’s perspective
Robins & Kanowski | 2008 | Journal of Research Practice

Critical Reflections on Doctoral Research and Supervision in Human Geography: The ‘PhD by Publication’
Dowling et al. | 2012 | Journal of Geography in Higher Education

PhD by Publication: innovative approach to social science research, or operationalisation of the doctoral student  … or both?
O’Keeffe | 2020 | Higher Education Research & Development

Blog posts
Points on the board: How I gamified my PhD by publication progress
Healy | 2020 | Michael Healy blog

Thesis by publications: you’re joking, right?
Alexander | 2014 | The Thesis Whisperer

Online media
A PhD by publication or how I got my doctorate and kept my sanity
Cowden | 2013 | The Conversation