Choosing the Thesis by Publication

Thinking about doing a TBP? Or otherwise looking to publish during candidature? Not sure if it’s the right approach for you? These resources might help you decide.

Journal articles
The doctorate in pieces: a scoping review of research on the PhD thesis by publication
Solli & Nygaard | 2022 | Higher Education Research & Development

Pressured to publish: stories of inexperienced researchers
Mertkan et al. | 2022 | Journal of Organizational Change Management

Doctoral publishing as professional development for an academic career in higher education
Wilkins | 2021 | The International Journal of Management Education

Does Publishing During the Doctorate Influence Completion Time? A Quantitative Study of Doctoral Candidates in Australia
Churchill et al. | 2021 | International Journal of Doctoral Studies

Monograph v. manuscript: exploring the factors that influence English L1 and EAL candidates’ thesis-writing approach
Liardét & Thompson | 2020 | Higher Education Research & Development

‘What do I even call this?’ Challenges and possibilities of undertaking a thesis by publication
Merga, Mason, & Morris | 2020 | Journal of Further and Higher Education

‘The constant rejections hurt’: Skills and personal attributes needed to successfully complete a thesis by publication
Merga, Mason, & Morris | 2020 | Learned Publishing

Choosing the Thesis by Publication approach: motivations and influencers for doctoral candidates
Mason, Merga, & Morris | 2019 | Higher Education Research & Development

PhD by Publication – Panacea or Paralysis?
Frick | 2019 | Africa Education Review

Are doctoral theses with articles more popular than monographs? Supervisors and students in biological and health sciences weigh up risks and benefits
Jowsey, Corter & Thompson | 2019 | Higher Education Research & Development

PhD by publication as an argument for innovation and technology transfer: With emphasis on Africa
Asongu & Nwachukwu | 2017 | Higher Education Quarterly

Writing realities: An exploration of drawbacks and benefits of publishing while enrolled in a doctoral program
Mizzi | 2014 | New Horizons in Adult Education

PhDs by publications: An “easy way out”?
Niven & Grant | 2012 | Teaching in Higher Education

Book chapters
Feedback from journal reviewers (Writing a thesis by publication)
Guerin | 2017 | In Developing Research Writing

The dissertation book; Should it be a monograph or a compilation thesis?
Fridlund | 2010 | European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

Conference papers
PhD by Publication or PhD by Traditional Model: Which Way to Go?
Gumbo | 2017 | The Independence of African States in the Age of Globalisation

Blog posts
Writing a thesis by publication. Some reasons for and against
Filippou | 2020 | Doctoral Writing SIG

Deciding on a dissertation format: Considering the implications of a PhD by publication
Frick | 2019 | Doctoral Writing SIG

Thinking about writing a thesis by publication? Some reasons for and against
Guerin | 2019 | Doctoral Writing SIG

A PhD by publication is a great way to build your academic profile, but be mindful of its challenges
Mason & Merga | 2018 | LSE Impact blog

A PhD by publication allows you to write for real and varied audiences, inviting intellectual exchanges that benefit your research
Carling | 2017 | LSE Impact blog

What are the benefits of adopting a thesis by publication?
Mason | 2020 | TBP YouTube Q&A series

What are the challenges of adopting a thesis by publication?
Mason | 2020 | TBP YouTube Q&A series

Why Publishing Scientific Papers in PhD is so Crucial
Chan | 2020 | PhDCoffeeTime