A list of theses that include publications

The following is a list of links to theses that are freely available online for you to download and read. They have been either recommended to us, or located through online searches, and are shared here without comment, as examples of successfully defended doctoral submissions that include publications.

We will add to this list moving forward.

Please send us your suggestions for us to add to the list. We are particularly looking to share TBPs from outside of anglophone countries.

TBPs by field (ISCED-F classification)

1. Education, and related fields

2. Arts and humanities, and related fields

3. Social sciences, journalism and information, and related fields

4. Business, administration and law, and related fields

5. Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, and related fields

6. Information and communication technologies, and related fields

7. Engineering, manufacturing and construction, and related fields

8. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary, and related fields

9. Health and welfare, and related fields